About West Hendon

Discover the heart of West Hendon and the businesses that trade in this dynamic neighbourhood.

About West Hendon

West Hendon has a rich history that stretches back centuries. Its story begins with its rural origins, when it was primarily agricultural land, dotted with farms and hamlets. The name “Hendon” itself is thought to have originated from the Old English words “Hendun” or “Hendon,” meaning “at the high hill” or “at the hill spur,” reflecting the area’s topography. The A5 is originally a Roman Road that stretched from London to Holyhead in Wales.

As London expanded during the Industrial Revolution, West Hendon underwent significant transformation. The arrival of the Midland Railway in the 1860s spurred urban development, with new housing and industries emerging along its tracks such as Schweppes. By the late 19th century, West Hendon had evolved into a bustling urban suburb, attracting a diverse population seeking employment opportunities in the growing industrial sector.

Throughout the 20th century, West Hendon continued to evolve, experiencing both prosperity and challenges. It played a significant role during World War II with its proximity to RAF Hendon, facing bombings and contributing to the war effort. Post-war redevelopment initiatives altered its landscape, introducing modern housing estates and amenities.

Today, West Hendon stands as a vibrant community within Greater London, blending its historical roots with contemporary living. Its past as an agricultural hamlet and industrial hub has shaped its identity, making it a unique and dynamic part of London’s tapestry. West Hendon is the location of the famous Welsh Harp reservoir which hosts many recreational activities such as watersports, bird watching and walking. 


About the West Hendon Business Association

Established with a vision to foster collaboration, innovation and prosperity, we are a collective of local businesses dedicated to driving economic growth and community development in West Hendon.

From small family-owned shops to larger enterprises, our diverse membership reflects the bustling entrepreneurial spirit and dynamism of West Hendon. Our commitment is to supporting and promoting our members, providing a platform for networking, knowledge-sharing, and advocacy. We’re strive to create a supportive ecosystem where businesses thrive, residents prosper, and the community flourishes.

Join us in shaping the future of West Hendon, where opportunity meets ambition, the local economy thrives and you’re part of building a brighter tomorrow.

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